1. Do the research. Go to open inspections and/or view the properties on the internet.
  2. Contact your preferred Mortgage provider to find out how much money you can borrow.
  3. Prepare a shortlist of the properties that suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.
  4. Make sure you advise the salesperson of your interest in a particular property, to avoid the disappointment of seeing a sold sign on the property of your dreams. (Missing out)
  5. Ensure that you give the salesperson all of your contact information including mobile phone numbers, fax and email address.
  6. In South Australia, the salesperson will prepare and present your offer in writing, to the owner for their consideration.  Discuss your needs openly with the salesperson and they should be able to tell you the terms and conditions that are most likely to please the owner.
  7. Once the price, conditions of sale and settlement date have been agreed upon by all parties and signed by both the purchaser and the owner, your offer then becomes a contract for sale and purchase.
  8. Ask the salesperson to explain fully how the cooling off period applies in your case and when the deposit is due for payment.
  9. Choose a solicitor or conveyancer who will act on your behalf to look after your property settlement and advise the salesperson.
  10. If you have any concerns at any time, please don’t hesitate to ask your salesperson, who will be happy to assist.

Connecting your Gas, Electricity, Telephone, and Water

It is your responsibility to have the gas, electricity & telephone connected in your name (water will remain in your Landlord’s name) and have the account finalised when you vacate.  For your information, the following numbers are:

Electricity – AGL 131 245

Gas Supply – (Bottled gas only)
Robe Auto & Marine (08) 8768 2597
Popes Thrifty Link Hardware Kingston SE (08) 8767 2571

Telephone – Telstra 132 200

By calling these numbers, you can connect the appropriate service to your new home.